First steps with Apache Spark on K8s (part #3): GCP Spark Operator and auto scaling

#1.helm repo add spark-operator install gcp-spark-operator spark-operator/spark-operator
#2.kubectl get deployments
kubectl get po
#3.git clone
#4.kubectl apply -f spark-operator-gcp/1.rbac.yaml
kubectl apply -f spark-operator-gcp/2.spark-app-gcpoperator.yaml

Horizontal auto scaling

#5.more spark-operator-gcp/3.spark-app-gcpoperator-scaled.yaml
#6.kubectl apply -f spark-operator-gcp/3.spark-app-gcpoperator-scaled.yaml
kubectl get po
#7.kubectl apply -f spark-operator-gcp/4.spark-app-gcpoperator-scaled.yaml
kubectl get po

Vertical auto scaling



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