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  • Andreas Kretz

    Andreas Kretz

    Data Engineer and Plumber of Data Science. I write about platform architecture, tools and techniques that are used to build modern data science platforms

  • Irma Spudiene

    Irma Spudiene

    Technologist who is in love with data - till the cloud and back! https://www.linkedin.com/in/irma-spudiene/

  • Jacek Laskowski

    Jacek Laskowski

    IT Freelancer for Apache Spark, Delta Lake, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams

  • Charalampos Souris

    Charalampos Souris

  • Kęstutis Daugėla

    Kęstutis Daugėla

  • Suchit Gupta

    Suchit Gupta

  • Jonas Monkevičius

    Jonas Monkevičius

  • Tanmay Deshpande

    Tanmay Deshpande

    ☀️ Seasoned Technologist ☀️ Talks about Distributed Systems, Cloud, Containers, DevOps, SRE & life ☀️ https://deshpandetanmay.medium.com/membership

  • Matthew Powers

    Matthew Powers

    Spark coder, live in Colombia / Brazil / US, love Scala / Python / Ruby, working on empowering Latinos and Latinas in tech

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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